Why you should I book a baby belly shooting?

Even before I started photographing pretty baby bellies, I twice booked a baby belly shoot for my two pregnancies. These pictures are unique and remind me again and again of this wonderful time!

Of course, every pregnant woman can not wait to hold her baby in her arms (not too early, of course). Mothers who already have children will confirm that the pregnancy was a very magical time. If you are pregnant you are no longer alone, but your child can not do anything yet and just does whatever you do .... Later on this will change. ...And the pregnancy is over very quickly ... Here I answer a couple of questions that can help you make your decision.

Would you like to book your baby belly shoot with me? Here you can do that!

If you are interested or need to I offer you beautiful and stylish photoshoot gowns- no extra charge.

Who is a baby belly shoot for?

I would say for everyone and for every pregnancy. Expecting mothers often have much more time during their first pregnancy than during further pregnancies.

But even if there is already an older sibling, the pregnancy is still relatively quiet compared to the months / years afterwards.

The brother / sister is still the only child and is looking forward to the little baby in mama's belly. In practice it is not always like that. Lack of sleep, a screaming baby, sharing toys ... and soon the big brother / sister is not as enthusiastic as during pregnancy.

That's why: don't miss to take partners and siblings to your baby belly shooting.


Where does the baby belly shooting take place?

Being pregnant is a natural phenomenon. That's why I prefer nature as the backdrop for your shoot.

In a quiet place, on an evening with a special and beautiful light you can relax, enjoy the tranquility and I will capture unique memories for you.

Even your own home is an ideal place for a baby belly shooting. Of course, the prerequisite for a nice result is a nice home.

A studio I recommend rather less because a studio is actually a strange, unknown, unnatural place. Still, you decide where you feel best and I'll be there.


When should the baby belly shooting take place?

The rounder the baby belly, the more beautiful. But: the due delivery date is - as we know - not guaranteed.

The best time to plan the photo shoot is between the 30th and the 38th week of pregnancy.

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